One of the most crucial elements of any structure, home or any complex is unmistakably concrete. Though it’s not really visible to us, cement is also used in many other elements including decorative purposes – pouring of footings and foundation.

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Cement Driveways


A high quality driveway can be an great addition to any home, whether you need a replacement for an old driveway or require something brand new, we can provide the best cement driveway for you.

Cement Foundations


A concrete foundation can be an often overlooked aspect of building and structure, but can cause significant issues when done incorrectly. Choose REA & Son Cement Co. to guarantee a solid foundation.

Cement Patios


Replace your patio with something solid and beautiful, or build a completely new outdoor space for you and your family. Our cement patios are sturdy and reliable.

Cement Porches


Upgrade the look of your home with a brand new porch installation or repair. We have the tools and experience to create a porch that fits your needs perfectly.

Cement Floors


A concrete floor can be an excellent choice for those looking for a strong and long-lasting option. Residential homes and commercial buildings can benefit from our smooth cement floors.

Cement Sidewalks


Upgrade or repair your sidewalk with REA & Son Cement Co. to guarantee a clean and high-quality concrete walkway around your home or business.

Brick Work & Black Work

Brick Work & Black Work

Using top quality brick and mortar, our contractors are able to put together excellent patios, walls, and more. Elevate the look of your home or business with our brick and black work.

Cement Waterproofing


Though concrete is sturdy with many applications, it's important to be aware of the effect of water and how it may deteriorate the structure. Waterproofing is an excellent way of avoiding the issue.

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